Inglot Waterford Roadshow!

This blog post is for the people who couldn’t make it to the SOLD OUT Inglot Roadshow in The Tower Hotel Waterford at the weekend but want to know the products they used, their top tips and all the goings on. There were five different demo’s, q and a session and prizes on the day too. This was my second Inglot Roadshow and I loved this one even more than the last because Waterford’s own super talent, Niamh Cleary from NCMakeup was at it and I love to support local. I featured Niamh in my MUA Focus Series, where I ask some of my favourite make up artists questions we all want to know, and you can read that here => MUA Focus – Niamh Cleary.

Niamh Cleary, Inglot Pro Team

I finally got to meet Jane Swarbrigg, Director of Inglot Ireland. Jane was one of the first people to read my very first blog post back in May last year before I began blogging. She encouraged me to start and gave me some brilliant advice. She is as nice in person as she is online. Jane is a very inspiring woman, she has taken Inglot to great success here in Ireland and her passion for what she does is evident from the moment you meet her. I love following her Snapchat => janeinglot and also her Instagram => JaneInglot

1. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Myself and Jane before the show

Jane got the show on the road, welcomed us all and gave us some background information on Inglot…total natural on stage. Inglot is running 8 years in Ireland and the Pro Team is going about 6 years. The Pro Team changes every year and it’s a fantastic opportunity  for the girls to really get their names out there. This Inglot Roadshow was the second one of 2017 and there were an impressive 350 tickets sold. Safe to say we are definitely Inglot Addicts here in Waterford!!! Jane welcomed Niamh Cleary on stage and gave her a special mention, given the event was on in her home city and she also welcomed on stage Natasha Kiely, Inglot Waterford Manager, and Lydia Flanagan, Inglot Waterford Supervisor.

Skin Demo

First up, was Laura Ward. She’s based in Inglot Dundrum and you will find her on Facebook here => Laura Ward Make Up Artist Instagram here => LauraWardMUA Snapchat => laurawardmua

Laura’s favourite makeup look is a matte brown blown out grunge smokey eye with a nude glossy lip. Laura really knows her stuff when it comes to skin and all the girls take her advice when it comes to foundation, concealer and all base products like that.

laura Ward MUA
Laura Ward, Inglot Pro Team

Laura began with the skin demo, she did one side of the face dewy and the other side matte. Their SPF Primer is very hydrating on the skin and she used it for the dewy side. For the matte side she used the HD Primer which works best with HD Foundation, using both together ensures flawless photographs. The HD Foundation is more suited to oily skin types and the coverage is insane!!! This sets quickly so it’s best to work in sections and blend. She used this on the matte side. It has a pump action bottle which is amazing because it ensures there’s no product wasted. She used two brushes for applying the foundation. The 21T, which is a flat brush and then the 38ss which is a buffing brush. She explained the importance of avoiding the eye area as foundation is too heavy for the delicate skin here, leave this area free for concealer. For the dewy side, Laura used AMC Foundation. I’ve used this myself in the past and loved it! It’s more suited to dry and dehydrated skin types. It has light reflecting particles, making it perfect for “blurring” fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Laura in action

Their Under Eye Concealer is a must have in my opinion…I adore it. It’s so good for covering dark circles and really brightening the eye area. Shade 95 is the most popular. What I love most about this concealer is that it has a plumping agent and so combats fine lines…music to my ears!!! A nice little tip Laura gave for dry skin is to avoid setting the foundation with a powder, there’s no need. She used the Stick Foundation in Shade 112 for cream contour. It contains Macadamia Oil, making it super nourishing on the skin. To blend cream contour, Laura blends upwards, for everything else for the skin she blends downwards. She finished off her gorgeous skin demo by applying Sparkling Dust Shade 03 for highlight, 29 Blush, and their Setting Spray. Sparkling Dusts are my favourite highlighters in the history of highlighters!!! For people who have high colouring or a lot of redness in their skin No. 29 Blush is the perfect shade for you.

Brow Demo

Next up was Cara Hogan doing the brow demo. Cara is based Oliver Plunkett Street Cork and you will find her on Facebook here => Cara Hogan MUA Instagram here => CaraHogan_MUA Snapchat => cara_mua

Her favourite make up look is a dark grungy eye with glitter and a nude glossy lip. Just have a look at some of Cara’s work on her social media, not hard to see why she was chosen to be on the Pro Team.

Cara Hogan MUA
Cara Hogan, Inglot Pro Team

For the brow demo Cara showed us two different types of brow looks, one was more of a natural look and the other was more dramatic. She used their Brow Gel in shade 16. This is the one I use and it’s simply fantastic…waterproof, smudge proof, it DOES NOT BUDGE! Always brush through the brows first with a spoolie before applying any brow products.

6. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Cara in action

Cara loves to use their Brow Mascara to set everything in place and it works really well at making the brows appear fuller, so it’s perferct for anyone with sparse brows. The brow mascara is actually one of Keilidh Cashell’s favourite Inglot products so naturally I have to buy them all! For “carving out”the brows and making them pop Cara used Under Eye Concealer in Shade 95, and ensured it was blended properly. For cleaning around the brows and making them more defined Cara’s go to brush is the 22T.

Inglot Eye Demo

Niamh Cleary was up next doing the Classic Inglot Eye. Niamh is a must follow online and if you’re not…where have you been??? There is no end to her skills! Find her on Facebook here => NCMakeup  Instagram here => NCMakeup_ Snapchat => NCMakeup

Niamh’s favourite make up look is winged liner and glitter on the eyes, dewy skin with a nude lip.

Niamh Cleary
Niamh Cleary, Inglot Pro Team

To begin the eye demo Niamh wanted to cancel out any colour on the eye to give her a perfect blank canvas. She used their Eye Primer 01. Niamh doesn’t set her primer with a white/cream shadow as she gets a more intense colour from her shadows going straight in with her shadows. The primer is tacky, which shows the colours a lot better. Be wary doing this yourself though, as it will be that bit harder to blend. She applied shadow 30 to just under the brow bone and tear duct to open up the eyes. The majority of the colours Niamh used were from The What A Spice Collection. I have this whole palette and MY GOD the pigmentation of these shadows is crrrrrrazzzzzy! You need a very little amount and they are so buttery, they blend like a dream! If you don’t already have this palette…just get it and you can thank me later!

8. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Niamh in action

For her transition colour Niamh used shade 303 with the 6ss brush. This brush is a game changer for getting that perfect blend we all love! Definitely my favourite blending brush! Whatever colour Niamh used on the top she also used on the bottom and in the same order. After her transition colour she went in with 296, a reddy pinky toned shadow, with a different 6ss brush, and placed it lower than her transition shade. To deepen the outer V, Niamh applied shade 301, with the 10s brush. Again, in my opinion a must have brush, similiar in shape to the 6ss but smaller, making it perfect for detailed blending on the outer corner. Niamh used the Gel Liner in Shade 68, applying it with the 22T brush, as a base for her glitter. She used her favourite Body Sparkles in shade 54. It’s a stunning little pot of beauty with rose gold and gold reflects. This is also gorgeous applied to the inner corner. For her winged liner Niamh uses the famous Gel Liner 77, adding a drop of Duraline to make it more fluid and using the 12s lip brush to apply.

Duraline is a best seller for Inglot and I’m in no way surprised. It’s multi-use and a kit essential. Uses include –

  • sharpens winged liner, it’s a game changer for eyeliner application
  • a base for pigments or glitter
  • brings any gel product back to life, if they have dried out
  • makes brow gels and eyeliner gels more fluid, easier to work with and ensures they don’t budge
  • intensifies the colour of any powder you have
  • makes your foundation or concealer last longer and stay in place by mixing in a couple of drops

For smudging under the eye Niamh recommends the 13p brush..perfect shape and density for a real smoked out effect. On her model Niamh used 30N lashes but her favourite lashes to wear on herself are the 31N…if you love dramatic lashes you will love these! Niamh nailed her demo and I was thrilled for her. I have seen Niamh demo a few times now and I just love watching her work…she was made to be on stage doing what she does best.

9. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
From left to right; Billie, Keilidh, Cara, Laura, Niamh and Becky

After Niamh’s demo there was a Q&A session and we found out loads from the girls including their favourite Inglot Product. Billie’s favourite – Gel Liners. Keilidh’s favourite – Duraline. Cara’s Favourite – Brow Gel Shade 16 for Lip Liner. Laura’s Favourite – Lip Paint Shade 51 Niamh’s favourite – Under Eye Conceaelers. My make up shopping list is never ending!!!

Half Cut Crease

Up next was Keilidh Cashell based in the Dundalk Store. You will find her on Facebook here => KeilidhMua Instagram here => KeilidhMua Snapchat => keilidhmua She is an incredible makeup artist and is really interactive with her followers. I got to meet her in person on the day and she is so down to earth and friendly.

Her favourite make up look is a grungy smokey eye with a nude lip.

Keilidh Cashell
Keilidh Cashell, Senior Pro Team Member

For Keilidh’s half cut crease demo the shadows she used were, again, from The What a Spice Collection. She said something I loved and I think it’s important to keep in mind, especially if you’re starting out and that was the darker the colour, the closer you bring it to the lash line. Such simple advice, but brilliant.

11. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Keilidh showing us The What a Spice Collection

Keilidh let us in on one of her tricks to achieving her famous blown out smokey eyes…are you ready???

Using a pressed powder to blend the edges of your shadows!!!

She used their Pressed Powder in shade 405 and because it’s a skin tone colour it will give you a seamless blend!!! Love it!

13. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Keilidh in action

For cutting the crease Keilidh used Gel Liner 68 with their lipliner brush the 12s. If you are a newbie to cutting creases or a little nervous of doing them, start out using the Under Eye Concealer because it’s a little bit easier to work with and then when you build up your confidence move on to the gel liner.For her eyeliner Keilidh used 90 Gel Liner which is a brown shade and beautiful to use if you have blue eyes because it makes them stand out more. The lashes she used were 16N, and would suit those who don’t often wear lashes a lot or if you like the more natural look.

Lip Demo

Up next was Billie O’Regan and she’s based in the Mahon Point store. You can find her on Facebook here => Billie Adele – Make Up Artist Instagram here => BillHouseVanHouten Snapchat => billhouse-mua

Billie’s favourite make up look is anything colourful and creative. Billie really does create art..her looks are inspiring and the detail she goes in to is fantastic!

Billie Adele
Billie O’Regan, Pro Team Member

For the lip demo Billie used 63 lip liner, 17 lip tint, 53 lip paint and 95 Under Eye Concealer…everything you need to create the perfect nude lip. The 17 Lip Tint is a gorgeous shade and suits every skin tone…you really cant go wrong if you have that in your kit. After everything is applied Billie cleaned around the edges with the Under Eye Concealer to give that perfectly polished pout.

18. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Billie in action

After the demos the hilarious Becky Timlin was interviewing attendees for Inglot TV.  She is so funny on Snapchat, an absolute character. Her Snap name is => circleofbeauty. Find her on Facebook here => Becky Timlin Mua and Instagram here => BeckyTimlinMua

Becky Timlin MUA
Becky Timlin, Pro Team Member

She spoke during the demo about how her career developed at Inglot. She started out as a Christmas temp in the Galway store after studying Beauty Therapy. She had a flair for makeup and a passion to succeed. For people starting out she stressed the importance of social media and being consistent. She encouraged people to upskill by attending courses and always building on what you already know. Inglot often run courses and masterclasses so keep an eye out on their social media, it’s a fantastic way to learn. Another tip she gave was to get involved in Inglot Trend Thursday’s because it’s great for inspiration, motivation and connecting with like minded people. Jane has her wedding to plan this year, so Becky will be hosting some of the Inglot Roadshows…no better person for the job!

21. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
The lovely Becky with two Inglot Addicts. She had just interviewed them for Inglot TV
23. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Billie O’Regan and Niamh Cleary at the Brow Station for matching us all up to our perfect shades. There were also stations for foundation matches…which came in handy for shopping online on, with our special 20% discount code we got on the day
24. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
I had the pleasure of catching up and going to the event with these three beauties and very talented MUA’s. From left to right; Rachel O’Dowd, Amy Wall, Jodi Roche. Find them on Facebook ; Rachel O Dowd Makeup, LittleMissMakeup and Jodi Roche Makeup – Self Taught
19. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
Jane happily got into every single selfie and had the chat with everyone who wanted to meet her. Inglot are lucky to have someone as passionate about their work as Jane is…she’s the original Inglot Addict!
22. Inglot Roadshow Waterford
The queue to meet Keilidh Cashel seemed to be never ending but the smile never left her face

I absolutely loved this Inglot Roadshow and I’d HIGHLY recommend you go to the next one in Waterford or if there is one coming near you. You learn so much and it gives you the opportunity to meet some of the best make up artists in the country and ask them as many questions as you want. The tickets are only €20(including post and packaging), and the event lasts for about 3 hours. Unreal value! We each got a Certificate of Attendance as well as a Complementary Make Up Lesson in an Inglot Store of our choosing! You decide what you want to work on, so if you struggle with winged liner, you can concentrate on just that if you wish. If you have any questions at all just pop into your closest Inglot store, all the girls are lovely and there really isn’t any need to feel intimidated…they are all just super down to earth girls. If you’d like to have a read of my Top Ten Inglot Products you can read that here => My Top 10 Inglot Must Haves!  I hope you found this blog post helpful and gave you an insight into what an Inglot Roadshow is all about. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the ways below.

You can purchase all the products mentioned in all Inglot Stores or online at

Happy Shopping!!!



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