Tan Organic’s Oil Arganic Brings Out Your Inner Beauty the Natural Way

If you follow me on Snapchat (sarahdwan1) you’ll know I’m a little obsessed with oils and I adore using them!!! I’m after falling in love with Tan Organic’s Multi-Use Dry Oil and my God has it worked it’s magic.  The smell is divine but more importantly it leaves my skin, hair, and nails replenished and healthy looking. It’s not a tanning oil, in case your wondering, they have a different product for that. One of the biggest attractions for me to this oil is that it’s 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Now, a lot of brands will claim their products are “natural” and “organic” but often this isn’t the case. More often that not, it’s only DERIVED from a natural ingredient. Vodka is derived from potatoes, would you call that 100% organic? Nope!

My Favourite Ways To Use It

body moisturiser – apply all over the body after a bath or shower and this will help lock in moisture more effectively. Start an your ankles, working your way up the body in circular motions. Massaging in this way will boost your circulation, increasing the removal of toxins from the body, helping to combat cellulite, stretch marks, scars fluid retention and poor blood flow. In the same way moisturising our skin on our face, its just as necessary to moisturise the skin on our body. Especially, with summer coming soon when the pins will be on show .

facial serum – apply all over the face, neck and décollatage before bed. Please don’t forget your neck, it is often the first place to show signs of aging because we tend to neglect the area. When it comes to anti-aging prevention is key. It’s important to feed your skin nourishment at night because this is when it repairs itself. A little goes a long way. Really love this as my night serum

hair serum – apply a small amount through the ends of your hair, making sure you stay away from the root.I like to this 
before I blow dry my hair to help protect it from the heat. You can also use after a blow dry, to help with frizz & fly away’s.

cuticle oil – massaging a drop into the cuticles nourishes & helps soften. This makes it easier to push them back

dewy foundation – mix 1 drop into foundation for a beautiful dewy finish, particularly good for dry, flaky skin types. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily, acne prone skin.

bath soak – mix 8-10 drops into your bath to deepen relaxation & enhance your well being. Everyone is so busy looking after everyone else, we tend to forget about ourselves but if we end up burning ourselves out, we’re no good to anybody, so please try and take time out for yourself. Stress causes 75% of diseases and disorders and doing something as simple as a bath soak can really help reduce stress and relax your overall sense of well being.


I have a Diploma in Aromatherapy, so I do know about the benefits of a lot of oils and I, of course, have my favourites. Oil Arganic contains some of them –


  • contains Viatmin E, which promotes healthy, clear skin
  • an anti-oxidant that protects your skin from free radicals, helping you fight signs of aging
  • non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores


  • contains oleic acid, which helps speed up the regeneration of cells in the body
  • full of skin feeding nutrients that’s easily absorbed through the epidermis(most upper layer of skin) and into the dermis(the lower layer of your skin) where they provide nutrition for the health and growth of your skin

Evening Primrose

  • packed full of essential fatty acids that keep skin, hair and nails healthy and helps prevent them from cracking.
  • helps treat hormonal imbalance, which makes this ingredient fantastic for acne

Sweet Almond 

  • my favourite oil for massage, and the one I use in work
  • protects your skin from external stress and UV radiation damage
  • can help with eczema and psoriasis because of it’s hypoallergenic properties
  • helps repair and strengthen our natural occurring collagen in the skin, making it super anti-aging

Also contains olive oil, borage oil and orange essential oil and all these ingredients combined make for a heavenly scent and will leave your skin, hair and nails in super condition when used regularly. You can buy it direct from Tan Organic online here => Shop Tan Organic   or if you’re like me and from Waterford, Mulligan’s Pharmacies stock it and it costs €24.99.  Oil Arganic gets a huge thumbs up from me!!! Have you ever tried it? What did you think? Let me know.

Love the Skin You’re In



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