The Dermalogica Duo that will Benefit Everyone!

Dermalogica is one of my favourite skin care brands and one of the best I’ve ever trained with. I trained with them through college and worked with them in salons. I fell in love with the fact they put all their money into the PRODUCT and the RESULTS and not fancy packaging. Dermalogica focuses very much on skin health, so their products contain no common irritants like mineral oil, lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances. If you’ve been following my blog with a while you’ll know I’m always on the look out for ways to reduce the number of chemicals I put onto my body, it’s vital for over all well being. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skincare professionals and consumers worldwide, sold in over 80 countries and prescribed more often than other product available. If you have never used this brand before, I suggest you do. You will wonder why it took you so long when you start to see the results for yourself. In today’s post I’m discussing a fantastic duo that will benefit everyone, any age, sex, or skin type.

First up is Daily Microfoliant 75g

 Dermalogica’s number one selling exfoliator and one of my all time favourite skincare products.A huge plus for me is that it’s gentle enough to use daily, so I keep mine in the shower. It exfoliates without the use of harsh beads, so is perfect for anyone suffering with sensitivity, redness or broken capillaries. It is a powder formula, so for best results pour a small amount, about half a teaspoon, into very wet hands and rub them together.  The water activates the ingredients to slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling polished and super smooth. It contains papain, salicylic acid and rice enzymes which all work to reduce congestion underneath the skin which presents itself as small bumps. Salicylic acid is an excellent ingredient to have in your exfoliator because it helps the skin to shed dead skin cells, decreases redness and reduces inflammation. This product brightens, improves overall tone and texture and ensures your makeup goes on evenly.


In my opinion, exfoliating is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. It prepares your skin for further product, like a mask, serum or moisturiser. It enables them to penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin helping you get the most from the product that follows. Clients who come in to my beauty room for facials or massage, often complain that their makeup isn’t sitting right or that it looks patchy when they do it at home. It nearly always turns out that they don’t exfoliate. A big no no. If you want more youthful, healthier looking skin, you need to be exfoliating on a regular basis. If you don’t, that expensive moisturiser you just bought will just sit on top of dead skin cells unable to perform its job. Daily Microfoliant is available to buy online here =>  You will get months out of 75g, it’s worth every cent.

Next up is Charcoal Rescue Masque 75ml 

This mask is a fantastic all rounder and would be beneficial for use at any time of the year, but particularly this time of year, when our skin is dull and lacking radiance. I have been using this once a week for the past 2-3 months and my complexion is so much brighter. You leave on for 7-10 minutes and rinse off with water. The act of using your hands and rinsing it off with water activates the exfoliating properties of this mask, so it’s like a 2 in 1. Leaves skin looking fresh and feeling so soft. It’s main ingredient is charcoal and this helps absorb impurities and any excess oil. It’s excellent for anyone who suffers with pimples, breakouts and congestion.It also contains tea tree and witch hazel which are anti-bacterial and help heal the skin. I love this mask, and it gets a huge thumbs up from me. This mask is available to buy online from here =>


Masks, are another vital step in your skincare routine. In my opinion, masks work best when they are applied AFTER your exfoliation step. There are numerous masks on the market that do various things, so it is very important that you’re using the right mask for your skin concerns as well as skin type. If you are ever unsure always seek advice from a skincare professional, because if you are using the wrong products for your skin, you could be doing unnecessary damage.

Find your nearest Dermalogica Salon here => Store Locator The links I gave above are from and are authorised stockists of Dermalogica. Never ever buy Dermalogica online unless you are sure that they’re an authorised stockist. So that’s it for tonight’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new. Have you ever tried Dermalogica before? What are your favourites?

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