Skincare on a budget?!

I have to admit I don’t really ever go for less expensive skincare, I always have it in my head that the quality just wouldn’t be there. However, I can appreciate that spending money on skincare isn’t on the top of everyone’s priority list and some people just can’t afford higher end brands. I wanted to try something that not only was effective but also super affordable for ALL my readers. I had come across a couple of Avon products at an event I spoke at and decided to give them a whirl. I got a day cream and a facial oil,and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Avon has completely changed my mind.

The lovely girl I got the products from is Anna Walsh and she is based in Dunmore East, Waterford. Anna is able to sell the products at super low prices because she buys in from Poland. Her Facebook page is here =>  Avon, Waterford, so make sure you give her a “like” and if you’d like to purchase any products from her, let her know I sent you.

First up, is the Nutra Effects Radiance Day Cream €3.75. This is unbelievable value and the quality is there too. It has an SPF of 15, which is important. Wearing an SPF all year round is vital if you want to combat premature ageing. Even when it’s not sunny, harmful UVA rays come through, and these are the rays that cause ageing, so even in winter we should wear an SPF. If you’re not getting it from your moisturiser, make sure it’s in your CC Cream or foundation.


The texture of this product is light and creamy and it soaks really well into the skin. It is suited for all skin types, but I think it’s suited best for people looking to revive tired, dull looking skin. It does exactly what it says on tin, from first application my skin looked more radiant and after 2 weeks I noticed my skin’s texture was a lot smoother. It contains Bird of Paradise Seeds. Bird of Paradise is a flowering plant native to South Africa.These seeds have the ability to help reduce pigmentation in the skin and improve the overall tone of the skin. What I love most about the Nutra Effects range is that it has no parabens or dyes and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Next up, is the Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Oil €5.50. I have more dry, dehydrated skin and I absolutely love oils on my face, so it’s no surprise that I adored this product. I used it as my night time care. It comes with a handy dropper, which ensures you don’t pour out too much. This will last you ages, as only a small amount is needed. It’s not overly fragranced, which I loved.


It contains olive fruit oil, passiflora seed oil, linseed oil, coffee seed oil, marula oil and vitamin E. All these ingredients leaves the skin feeling deeply moisturised, replenished and radiant. After about 3 weeks of using I noticed a slight decrease in my fine lines, especially around my forehead area. I loved, loved, loved this product.

Avon has a huge range of skincare to suit lots of different skin types and skin conditions and it’s perfect for anyone looking for skincare on a budget but still wants the quality. I would happily recommend these two products for anyone who has dry, dehydrated skin and doesn’t want to fork out huge amounts of money. What are your favourite budget buys? Have you ever used Avon products before, what was your experience. Let me know through any of the ways below.And questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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