Michelle Regazzoli Stone Vs Diane Everett Makeup Showdown


The weekend just gone was a busy weekend for me, I attended Diane Everett’s Makeup Masterclass in Mulligan’s Pharmacy on Friday night(blog post here => A Makeup Masterclass by Diane Everett in Mulligan’s Pharmacy) and then Sunday I made the trip up to The Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny for a masterclass that ends all masterclasses. A make up showdown between the two queens of makeup, Diane Everett and Michelle Regazzoli Stone.


It was one on the most beautiful venues I’ve ever been to for such an event and everything about the place oozes class, much like the the two girls who were going head to head in this masterclass that was like no other.


Michelle worked with Mac Cosmetics for 10 years before going out on her own and now she mainly focuses on bridal makeup, debutantes and hair shows. She has featured on Tv3’s expose and has worked on many well known names including Suzanne Jackson, Rosanna Davidson and Glenda Gilson. I love following her on all social media channels for ages now, but Snapchat is my favourite, such a lovely, genuine person! Here are her social media links: Facebook => MRS – Michelle Regazzoli Stone Instagram => MRS_MakeUp Snapchat => mrsmakeup_ie


Diane is in the beauty industry 16 years and has worked and managed in spas and salons from Dublin to Sydney before setting up her own salon about 4 years ago. She is a super talented beauty therapist, with her most popular treatment being specialised waxing, but probably most well known for her incredible makeup skills, funky style and ever changing mermaid hair. And if you don’t believe me, just have a look at her Facebook Page => Diane Everett Instagram => DianeEverettMua Snapchat => “dianeeverettmua”. About 2 years ago, she decided to focus on makeup and decided to set up her social media pages, where she now has over 46, 000 followers!


The two MUA’s have very different styles but one thing they share is an incredible skill and talent with makeup. It was evident from watching them work just how passionate they both are about their careers. I love seeing women who are as dedicated and driven, as these two, making their mark on the ever expanding world of beauty. On Sunday, they both demoed a full makeup look, Diane was creating a cut crease on the eyes, while Michelle showed us a spotlight eye. Their finished looks were equally amazing!


Their makeup routine differs, so while Diane started on the eyes, Michelle started with skin and they bounced back and forth, so there was never a dull moment and always something to see!!! The girls had great chemistry with each other and the class flowed really well, with plenty of laughs and learning. To make for easier reading I’m going to go through Diane’s look first and then Michelle’s. Get the notepads ready girls!!!

Captured the highlight on Michelle’s model perfectly here and it’s  SOSU Highlighting Palette

So, as always, Diane started with the eyes. Diane does this because it prevents any fall out from the shadows ruining any work done on the skin. Also, when you’re working on the eyes, your finger tips may touch the clients’ skin every so often and now, with photo’s being HD, fingerprints can sometimes be picked up by the camera. For the brows she used Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow Gel to fill in and give shape. It’s sweat proof, waterproof and will not budge. She uses Zoeva 317 Brush – the perfect angle brush for brows. She adds a drop of Inglot Duraline, to ensure an even fluid line. Duraline is a kit must have for Diane. Diane “carves” out the brows, which makes them stand out more, helps sharpen and clean up any small mistakes. She does by using Mac Studio Fix Concealing Duo’s in shade W10.

To set concealer on eyes, ALWAYS USE A MATTE BASE! Diane used “Tako” from Sugar Pill…a super white white. For her transition, she used a matte shade from Suva Beauty called “Guava”. A great tip she let us in on is to use eye drops before your start your makeup. It will make your eyes appear more open and awake, as it restricts the little capillaries in your eyes. Her favourite one’s are Merine Eye Drops, available in most pharmacies. They are anti-redness and anti-irritation. Another tip she gave was to have absolutely spotlessly clean brushes, it will prevent your eye look from going muddy and ensure a seamless blend. Diane likes to build up the colour, with layers of shadows, going from dark to light. Some other colours she used for the eyes were from The Makeup Pro Studio, in Belfast…numbers 27 and 422 and also “Love Plus” from Sugar Pill. For precise blending, she loves “The Jennie” – a tiny little blending brush from Nima. For her black shade she used “Corrupt” from Makeup Geek – THE BLACKEST BLACK, she has found.


To”cut” the crease she used Mac Paint Pot in shade “Ochre”. You could use a white eye shadow but it wouldn’t be as structured or intense. For liner, Diane likes The Balm Schwing Eyeliner, which has a fine felt tip or Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner. A good tip for applying it on yourself was to look down into a swivel mirror. She always cleans and carves the wings with concealer. For under the eye, she used Cailyn Bright On Eye Balm. Even though it is a primer, it does have concealing properties and it’s light reflective too. She then applies the shadows to underneath the eyes in the same way she did on top…light ==> dark. A favourite pencil of hers is the Rimmel ScandelEyes Kohl Pencil for the waterline or the Urban Decay 24 hr Perversion Liner. The brush she used for smudging under the eyes is a bullet brush from Mac…number 219. The lashes were Babydoll Lashes 698, and these are reusable. To blend false lashes with your natural lashes use some mascara…Diane loves “Mad lash” from the Balm, which has a great little tip for coating your lower lashes.


 An excessive oily person will be shiny within an hour, you cannot stop oil production, regardless what any clever marketing may tell you, but some products can hold it off longer than others. Becca Evermatte Poreless Perfecting Primer soaks up everything and is super matte, only apply it to areas of oil secretion. Another good product, she recommends for oily skin, is the Porefessional from Benefit.


. For primer Diane used Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer mixed with Mac Strobe Cream…great for hydrating the skin and giving a smooth canvas to work on.  For foundation, she used Urban Decay All Nighter in shades 6 and 7 mixed. She applied it with a Real Techniques Sponge. She doesn’t bring foundation under the eye, for this area she used Urban Decay Naked Concealer. She also loves Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser. The setting powder she used for under the eyes was from Laura Mercier. This powder is so finely milled, it’s almost like dust and it has tiny light reflecting iridescent particles, which will draw attention AWAY from any fine lines or wrinkles.Diane loves “Sexy Mama” from The Balm, as a setting powder, amazing for reducing shine, because it has oil absorbing spheres. She applied Wet n Wild’s “Reserve Your Cabana”, which has a slight shimmer, to areas where she placed concealer, this is gorgeous for photo’s.

Her favourite bronzers are Urban Decay “Beached Bronzer” or Mac “Give me Sun”. Bronzer gives warmth to your face it DOES NOT contour. To contour and sculpt you need to use something more ash toned and she used The Balm Bahama Mama, applied with Inglot 4ss brush. Diane used Cailyn blusher in shade “Cinnamon” and it’s the perfect shade for anyone who doesn’t really like to wear a blusher. For highlight, she used “Mary-Lou” from The Balm as well as “The Rockstar Collection” from Sleek. For the lips, diane used her favourite lipliner, Rimmel “Cappuccino” with Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in shade “Pure Hollywood”. Finished the look with Urban Decay’s Setting Spray. How stunning is the finished look on Diane’s model Lyndsey Kelly??? Lyndsey is also a super talent…her specialty being hair! She did both herself and Diane’s hair on the day, two gorgeous styles! You have to see this girl’s work…the things she can do with hair is just unreal!!!! Find her on Instagram here =>  misslyndseyk


For Michelle’s look she starts with skin. She does a lot of bridal makeup and encourages brides to start prepping their skin 3-6 months before the big day. She stresses the importance of looking after your skin and swears by serums. She loves Vital C Serum from Image, full of anti-oxidants and very anti-ageing on the skin. She explains that using a serum works best at night because that’s when the skin repairs itself. Serums are highly concentrated products and are to be used before your moisturiser. Their molecular structure is so small it allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Michelle used the Stila primer, which is water based, reduces fine lines and pores. The fantastic thing about this primer is that it has three colour correctors to combat, redness, pigments and dullness. It also mattyfies the skin and gives a beautiful base for foundation application. She applied Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light, which gives a full coverage but without feeling too heavy on the skin. After this she applied Mac Studio Fix with her favourite foundation brush, Black Canvas F41. How she described it was “a blender sponge on a stick.” Sounds like I need this in my life!! Michelle explains what the letters mean in the Mac foundation names…NW = Warm tones…NC = Cool tones…how handy is that?!


For concealer, Michelle uses Mac Prolong Wear in shade NC 30 using the F11 brush from Blank Canvas. For cream highlight and contour she used Suzanne Jackson’s, SOSU Contour palette. It blended so well and is something that’s, now, definitely on my list! The brush she used for  contour was Real Tachniques 301. For blush, Michelle used “Hot Mama” from The Balm, which has a stunning golden shimmer and also used Wet n Wild’s Colour Icon in shade “Plastic Fantastic,” which has more pinky tones. For highlight, she used Suzanne Jackson’s SOSU Highlighting Kit, using the Sigma FO3 fan brush. Her two favourite from the kit are “Moon Sparkle” and “Miracle Dust”. As well as applying highlighter to just above the cheekbones, you can also apply it to collar bones, shoulders and legs. This highlighter looked stunning!!!

To clean up and sharpen contour Michelle used Cailyn’s Banana Powder. For brows, she used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Palette, her two favourites from this are, soft brown and taupe. She also used True Brunette Fluidline Gel by Mac.

Michelle used “Soft Ochre” Paint Pot from Mac to prime the eyes. This is something I always see MUA’s use. It works as both a primer and a concealer, taking away any blue undertones in the eye and gives the artist a blank canvas to work on without any unwanted colour sneaking through. It will make eyeshadows pop and prevent creasing. Michelle uses Inglot Shadows 335 and 300, as her transition shades. She’s working to create a spotlight eye, which is light in the centre and darker on the inner and outer corners of the eye. A really good tip she gave that I love, is that the darker the colour you’re using, the smaller the brush.So simple, but will really up your blending game. On the eyelid she used Mac “Constructivist” mixed with Inglot Pigment 117 applied along with Inglot Duraline.


Michelle applies mascara before false lashes and she used Cailyn’s 7-in-1. Although her favourite mascara is by Mac, called Zoom Lash. It never flakes, or falls underneath the eye. Lashes applied were Suzanne Jackson’s SOSU Luxury Lashes in style “Rosie”. They can be reused up to 20 times, once you look after them. I have them in style “Kim” and they are so glam and really finish off any look. Always measure and trim lashes. This is important, as everyone has different eye shapes and sizes, so most false lashes are too big for people’s eye because they try to accommodate everyone. For under the brow bone, Michelle applied Mac “Nylon”, which is a highlight eyeshadow. This is one of Rosanna Davidson’s favourites. For liner Michelle used Inglot Gel Liner in shade 77 mixed with Duraline.

When Michelle is finished with the eyes she goes back in under neath with Mac Prolong Wear in NC 30, using Blank Canvas F11. Sets under the eyes with Ben Nye Banana Powder. For the lips she used Mac Red lip liner and also Mac’s Lady Danger Lipstick. To clean around the lips she used Mac Studio Fix Powder. To finish off the whole look she used Mac Fix Plus, which hydrates and gives a healthy glow to the skin. The finished result was flawless!!!


Throughout, the girls answered lots of our questions. I had asked what one product they couldn’t live without. Diane’s was mascara and Michelle’s was serum. Michelle recommends the Ageless Serum and Vital C Serum both from Image Skincare. She suggested using the Vital C twice a week and the Ageless 5 times a week.They were both a fountain of knowledge and I was delighted I got the opportunity to see them work their magic.

Two finished looks


If you ever hear either of them doing a masterclass near you, I would highly recommend you to getting a ticket. You will learn loads!!! I had pages of notes coming home, as well as a fantastic goody bag. The goody bags and prizes were sponsored by Blank Canvas, Cailyn, HeShi Self Tan, The Balm, Red Cherry Lashes, Note Cosmetics and Sam McCauleys…we were spoilt rotten!!!

After the class there were lots of chat and selfies
Prize winners

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe picked up some new ideas. Have you ever been to a masterclass before? What are the top tips you learned?  Let me know through any of the ways below.



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