A Makeup Masterclass by Diane Everett in Mulligan’s Pharmacy

If you are a makeup lover and you’re not already following Diane Everett on Social Media, where have you been? Under a rock? She is one of the leading make-up artists in Ireland. She is a super talented beauty therapist, but probably most well known for her incredible makeup skills, funky style and ever changing mermaid hair. And if you don’t believe me, just have a look at her Facebook Page => Diane Everett Instagram => DianeEverettMua Snapchat => “dianeeverettmua”.

Diane with the lovely Kerri, winner of her competition to model at the class

She is as stunning in person, as she is in photos and I can tell you that for a fact, as I have been a regular client of hers for years. Although Diane is most known for her makeup, she does carry out many other beauty treatments from waxing and tinting to callus peels and manicures. Her most popular treatment is “Hollywood” waxing….eeeeeeeeeeek!!! But she does it super quick and is very professional, so will put even the most nervous person at ease. If you’re based in Waterford and want to get specialized waxing done, she’s your woman!!!

On Friday 18th November 16′ Diane held a master class in Mulligan’s Pharmacy on the Dunmore Road, Waterford…it was a sold out event and I’m not surprised in the slightest. I was lucky enough to get a ticket and a seat in the front row! The perfect spot for my takeover of Diane’s Snapchat! The staff at Mulligan’s really know how to host an event…they kept everyone topped up with red or white wine and our bellies full with delicious cupcakes by Cupcake Couture Find them on Facebook here => Cupcake Couture  You can’t have a masterclass without cupcakes!!!


There was a raffle on the night for two prizes – a huge makeup case from Cailyn and a beautiful skincare hamper from Declaré. €360 was raised, 100% of it going to Waterford Hospice, where every cent counts . On each chair was a pen and a little wish list, which was super handy for taking notes of products used and they put surprise gifts under random seats for a few lucky people. A really nice touch!


Diane kicked off the masterclass by telling us a little bit about herself. She told us how she really only got into makeup about 2 years ago and that’s when she set up her social media and started going to one on one masterclasses. Today, she has over 46,000 followers across her social media channels…amazing!


Diane started the makeup application filling in the brows using Cailyn Brow Gelux, which is sweat proof and WILL NOT BUDGE! “Carving” your brows with a concealer helps clean up any mistakes and make your brows pop. Think of concealer like tippex, and use it to erase any makeup mistakes. Make up isn’t permanent and you can get yourself out of any mishaps. Diane encourages people to never have self tan on your face when going to get your makeup done, because it will oxidise giving off an orange hue, which the MUA will then have to try counteract.

Diane continues by saying, “It’s a crime, not to prime,” and she applies Cailyn Bright Eye Balm on the eyelids. This will mask any little veins and will help your eye shadows blend and appear more intense. This was a product I tried to purchase at the end but they were all sold out by the time I reached the counter. So if you ever see it in Mulligan’s snap it up straight away. Definitely on my list! Always set concealer with a powder to prevent it from creasing. Any cream product you apply on the face needs to be set with a powder…ALWAYS.


To achieve that super sharp winged look on the eyes Diane uses MediTape and makes sure there even on both sides. Then simply remove at the end and clean away any fall out. Such a handy tip! She used Meet Matt(e) Trimony  Eyeshadow Palette by The Balm, which you will see on her Snapchat a lot, as she loves all matte looks. I bought that palette on the night, been dying to try it for ages. All The Balm products are triple milled, which makes them very pigmented and a dream to blend. A top tip for women in their mid 30’s – AVOID SHIMMER on the eyes. It will just attract light to the area and highlight any little fine lines and wrinkles. Another great tip was mix a black eye shadow with another colour and it will help it blend better and look better on your eyes, as not many people can pull off black on it’s own.

MediTape applied to corners of eyes

For that perfect blend on your eyes its vital to have clean brushes and use a brush with no product on it for blending between each colour for a seamless finish. Diane tells us to “BLEND TILL YOU CRAMP”. For eyeliner she used The Balm Schwing Liner, very thin applicator for precise lining. A good tip she told us for eyeliner is that if you’re ever in a rush simply don’t do it.For the waterline Diane used Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Pencil…another thing on my wish list! She smoked it out using  the same colours she used on the eyelid.Lashes were from Eyelure in style No. 100.

Moving on to the skin, Diane used Time Balm by The Balm as the primer. She applied with a damp Real Techniques Sponge…press in and up into the pores. Always get colour matched for foundation, Diane explains that only a person standing in front of you can match you properly. People always ask her, though social media, what shade foundation should they use and it’s just not possible, unless you were standing in front of her.. Diane gives a great tip for when you’re picking foundation on your own, say, in a chemist. Pick 3 shades to apply against collar bone…

1. Pick the shade you think you are

2. Pick a shade darker than your 1st choice

3. Pick a shade lighter than your 1st choice

And the one that blends seamlessly is the one to buy. Foundation she used was the Cailyn HD, it photographs beautifully and it’s what she tells brides to buy for the day of their wedding for touch ups. The compact case is so handy to have in any bag.


Diane used Clarin’s Instant Concealer under the eye. Concealer should be two shades lighter than your foundation. Don’t forget to set it with a loose powder. Diane used Vichy Dermablend powder and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to set the rest of the face. For contouring, Cailyn Contour palette was used. A tip Diane gave for powder contour was to always stick to matte. After warming up the face, she used Bahama Mama, which is ash toned and this will give you a more sculpted look. The highlighter Diane used on the face was a firm favourite of mine. The Balm Highlighting Trio, The Manizer Sisters. If you love highlight, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! Apply above cheekbones, above cupid’s bow and down centre of nose. For blusher, Cailyn Blush in *Cinnamon” was used.


For the lips, Diane used one of her favourite lip liners, Rimmel Cappuccino teamed with The Balm Matte Lipstick in shade “Sincere”. Finished the whole look off with a spritz of Shiseido Ibuki Spray which hydrates as well as mattifies. Another product on my wishlist. The finished look was stunning!



After the tutorial Diane showed us what she uses to clean her brushes, which was the Style Pro along with Cailyn Brush Shampoo…she swears by it. She also filled us in on the only self tan she puts on her face and it’s a tanning oil by Tan Organic and it’s 100% Certified Organic and doesn’t clog pores.Diane answered lots of questions and the award for the funniest question ever asked at a makeup masterclass goes to the lady who asked Diane, “What brand was her bum?” hahaha!!! Diane was wearing Freddy Jeans and they were fab on her!  It was such a fantastic night, with lots of laughs and learning!


All products mentioned are available to purchase in Mulligan’s Pharmacy in Waterford and if you’re not from Waterford you can search online for your nearest stockists. The two main brands used were =>

Cailyn, find on Facebook here = > Cailyn Ireland

The Balm, find on Facebook here => theBalm

Diane is a fantastic business woman and a ridiculously hard worker who is going to become even more successful. It’s so great to see someone who is so passionate about her work make such a mark in the beauty industry in the way she has. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe picked up a few tips. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch through any of the ways below.



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