Lashes for days and hand drawn nail designs at House of Beauty by Maria!

I went on holidays to Ibiza(it was incredible, by the way) and I knew that the heat was going to be unreal over there and that I’d be swimming a lot, so more than likely I wouldn’t be wearing much makeup during the day, maybe just a CC Cream. A couple of months before the holiday I had the idea to get lash extensions done, and then at least that way my face wouldn’t be soooo bare.


I had asked my followers on Snapchat who they would recommend in Waterford for lash extensions and the majority of the Snaps I received mentioned a girl called Vaida, who works in House of Beauty by Maria, which is located at 55 Barracks Street in the city. I was lucky I had the idea a couple of months before the holiday because she is often booked out for weeks, so if you want to make a booking I’d encourage you to do it well in advance. So I had made the appointment for the week I was going and I also booked Shellac on my fingers and toes, with Maria. I couldn’t wait!!!


On the day I was super excited for some “me time” but i was a little nervous as well because I never had lash extensions done before and I have really sensitive eyes that water ALOT, just ask any makeup artist that did my makeup(Natasha Browne and Diane Everett). When I arrived I was greeted by Vaida, such a lovely, friendly girl and so professional as well. She talked me through the lash treatment, we discussed exactly what look I wanted and explained to me all about the after care. She made me feel very welcome and put me at ease, regarding my sensitive eyes.

Aftercare includes:

Don’t put anything on the eyes for 24 hours

Don’t use an eye cleanser containing oil, as this can weaken the glue, so i used the Garnier Miceller Water(pink bottle)

Do not wear mascara, because this will cause them to clump and trying to remove it will put strain on the extensions

Do not wear gel liner

Brush through them daily with a spoolie

Vaida does 2d, 3d and 4d lashes, the 4d being the most dramatic ones. I got the 3d lashes and it took an hour and a half to apply and cost 60euro, if my memory serves me right. I couldn’t believe it, but my eyes didn’t water or get irritated in the slightest. I was that relaxed, I nearly fell asleep. Vaida uses different lengths and works so precisely to give that beautiful fluttery look we all want. When we were all done I opened my eyes and I swear to God, I couldn’t even feel them on my eyes. They were absolutely stunning and EXACTLY what I wanted. I had it in my head that they were going to be really heavy on my eyes, like some strip lashes but not at all, I didn’t even notice the feel of them. I was thrilled with the results. They lasted my whole holiday and really only now, almost 3 weeks later, that I’m beginning to see little gaps. Definitely worth it!

Before and after
Later on in the day, after application. Screenshot taken from a video, that’s why it’s not of good quality

Next, I got my nails done with Maria and I was looking for something bright and summery. She had an array of colours to choose from, I was spoiled for choice. She did a beautiful design on a couple of nails on each hand and each foot, using 6/7 different colours. Her precision was amazing. It’s been almost 3 weeks now and they are still perfect. Maria is a real bubbly, down to earth girl and we had a great chat and lots of laughs. She was very thorough in the prepping of my nails, ensuring there was nothing on the surface and all excess cuticle removed. And as any nail technician will tell you, it’s the prepping that’s most important, when it comes to 2/3 week paints. I loved the finished results and the price for the nails was 55euro.


I don’t think anybody wants to see a photo of my feet, so I left that out, but take my word for it, the nails were fab!

I was so happy with my experience at House of Beauty by Maria, that before I left I booked in again for the same treatments in December, as I’ll be bridesmaid at one of my best friends wedding……Eeeeeeeek!!!! I would highly recommend Maria and Vaida, they are simply fantastic at what they do. You can find them on Facebook here => Waterford Nails and they also have a Facebook Group here => House of Beauty by Maria  or you can call this number to make a booking 085-1272717 and you can let them know you got it from me.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch by using any of the ways below



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  1. The lashes are divine! 😍


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