Picture Perfect Makeup Musts

Do you have a special occasion coming up or maybe a family portrait? Maybe you have a professional photo shoot or maybe you just want to look good for the camera on a night out??? Because let’s face it, you can’t go anywhere anymore without someone taking a photo or a video of you. Here are some tips for looking your best for the camera, whether it be you holding it or someone else.


– Avoid going too dark with your foundation shade. ALWAYS have your shade professionally matched to your skin tone for best results. And, if you will be wearing tan, make sure you have the tan on when going to get matched.

– For eyelids keep shimmer strictly on tear duct.The camera will have an intense flash, so wearing shimmer will attract the light, making things appear more visible. If you wear it either on brow bone or eyelids, it WILL show up fine lines and wrinkles, ones you didn’t even know you had.

– Primer is essential. It will help your makeup last longer and give a smooth canvas for application of foundation. It’s like the base coat on a manicure. Oil free versions are best and also sensitive skin friendly.

– AVOID SPF ALL COSTS. Primer and foundation should be SPF free. Formulas containing sunscreen will make your face appear white, due to the camera flash.

– A camera flash will wash out colours, no matter what. Don’t be scared off by a dramatic finished look. It won’t photograph that way.

– BLEND BLEND BLEND!!!! When it comes to concealer, cheek colour and eye shadow a quality set of brushes is key. The camera flash will highlight unblended edges, creating a clown like look, and unblended concealer will highlight fine lines.


– To set makeup use a yellow powder rather than a translucent. Much like SPF formulas, translucent powders cast a white glow when photographed.

– Always have makeup applied in natural light. This will be the best indicator of how it will look when photographed.

– Don’t let the day of the occasion be the first time to try your products. Consultations and trial runs are essential to creating the perfect final look.

And last but by no means least, don’t forget to smile! Or if you’re like me and smiling makes your “crows feet” appear soooooo much worse, there’s always “resting b**ch face”


I hope you enjoyed this post.



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