Know Your Skin Type: Part 1 – Dry, dehydrated skin

For those of you unfortunate enough to have dry skin, I know your struggle, as I do too. We have to put up with the fact our skin ages quicker and is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. I would love to have oily skin, and I would absolutely put up with the shine and movement of product, if it meant I’d have less wrinkles. People with oily skin, secrete excess sebum, which keeps the upper layers all lovely and lubricated. Lucky!

Dry, dehydrated skin can be a temporary condition or a lifelong concern. It can be down to your genes or a result of an increasingly stressful lifestyle coupled with continued exposure to external factors in the environment, like, the sun, wind and chemicals. It can be caused by using the wrong products for your skin, so its vital you have it looked at professionally to figure out the best treatment and products for you to achieve your desired goal.

Even though the symptoms are very similar, it is important to note there is a big difference between being dry and dehydrated. Dry skin, generally refers to skin lacking in oil, whereas dehydrated skin is characterised by lack of water. So it’s quite common to have dehydrated skin, while also having oily skin.

Both dry and dehydrated skin can experience;

– irritation, inflammation, itchiness, sensitivity

– feeling of tightness

– a look or feel of roughness

– slight to sever flaking

– fine lines, redness


Top 3 causes are =>

– ageing

– weather/environmental elements and your

– lifestyle.

Top tips =>

– vital you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily

– always wear a sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy, as the ageing UVA rays come through ALL year round, not just when it’s sunny

– ensure you’re eating a well balanced diet

– I would recommend a facial at least once a month, by a professional beauty therapist

– cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and use an anti-ageing eye cream

– choose a creamy cleanser, rather than a foaming gel, as they can contain alcohol and exacerbate the condition even further

– use an exfoliator and mask at least once a week

– always use a primer before applying your foundation, to give a smooth canvas

– choose a foundation that has more of a dewy finish, rather than a matte finish, as matte tends to dry out the skin

For dry skin on the body =>

– dry body brush, starting at ankles, working your way up, every day, before your shower. This will also help with reducing cellulite, due to increased circulation


– use an exfoliator in the shower, to speed up desquamation(the sloughing away of dead skin cells). This will smooth and soften the skin

– always, always use a nourishing body moisturiser, after your shower, to replenish and hydrate

I hope this has helped some of you and that you might have learned something new.

Love the skin you’re in.



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